Sunday, November 25, 2012

Racially Offensive? Not to This Guy

This photo is apparently an old post card, which this web site suggests is a racist caricature:

The brute caricature was a staple villain of the low-brow print mediums of entertainment, especially the pulp novels and, after 1937, comic books. Catering to a young, White, adventure-seeking audience, these works often set the White hero off in some foreign land, either "the Orient", or in the "dark continent" of Africa, where he championed civilization by saving it's most iconic symbol--the helpless White girl, from the primitive, cannibalistic, evil, savage intentions of natives.
Well, I don't see the cannibal in this cartoon as evil or savage. And she's no damsel in distress. I see her the same way the cannibal does: she's breakfast! Hell, I'm rooting for the cannibal! I wouldn't save her. I'd just watch her cook and enjoy the meal when she was done.

What say you?

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