Monday, November 4, 2013

Candid Camera Nude Job Interview Prank

Job Interview Prank by cethan

In this setup, the man is an unsuspecting temp worker who meets a young woman. She's in on the prank, and they are both there for a job  interview. The young woman leaves the room and comes back, saying that the man running the place wants her to work without any clothes on.

She expresses reservations. "I'm not going to do it! Would you work for him without any clothes on?"

She changes her mind, pretty quick apparently, as she leaves again and returns stark naked.

Highlights from this segment include another woman who thinks it's hilarious and senses that it's all a big setup, and another guy who finds  excuses to touch our naked female heroine.

Allen Funt Candid Camera- He Doesn't Know What to Think

Meet Peter Allen, an unsuspecting temp worker who is not sure what to belive. See video below.
Allen_Funt_Michelle_Bauer_Candid_Camera by cethan